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My name is Paul and I am your Certified Relationship Coach. I am excited to work with you and look forward to our sessions. The process of supporting you through relationship challenge towards growth, clarity, connection, and achievement of your goals is incredibly rewarding to me. I am internally grateful to work with courageous individuals like you.



Instantly avoid arguements

Arguments show up when two people fail to understand and relate to one another. I will show you how to identify and approach this in relationship. Learn new tools and communication methods that help build your relationship and not break it down. Turn your arguments into meaningful conversations with positive reciprocation.

Stay connected during conflict

It has been proven by the FBI, Gottman group, and other psychology research that when we perceive threat, we have an automatic reaction that shuts us down. I will teach you new tools to help regulate and associate during times of threat or challenge. This process will ensure your remain connected with your partner.


Learn to work together

Its very obvious when you are having a conversation and your partner is resisting. It is much harder for us to recognize when we are resisting. Learn some of the key tells that help identify when this is happening. 

Every conversation is an opportunity to connect

We have all experienced a conversation where the moment we understood the topic at hand, we wanted to suggest a solution.

For me, this was one of my BIG challenges. I had a normal recurring behavior where I would interrupt the other person so that I could offer my solutions and suggestions.

Problem solved! Problem NOT SOLVED.

What do you think happened wtih my instant solution and advice giving? 

How do you think the other person felt as I cut them off, ignored what they were wanting me to hear, and then took over the conversation with my solutions?

Looking back on this, I tend to laugh at myself. My heart was in the right place, but my understanding of relationships, trust, and the deep desire to be understood had not been formed yet.

I now resort to a specific toolset for most conversations that have real risk or reward in them. I can use this toolset with: Work, Peers, Romance, Family, Parenting, Roommates, Friends, children, and just about anyone.

Communication really is all about the other person and what their experience is about. When they feel understood, conversation flows more naturally.

Is something stopping you from learning more?

Is this for me?

Resources offered in our System


Worksheets are a set of exercises focused on practicing a concept or specific tool.


The toolset is a group of proven communication tools that is universally proven.


Integration happens through comprehension during the session and practice in life.


Everything needs a foundation, context, goal, and steps to work towards completion..

Recreate relationships

The way that we relate to our situation greatly impacts our perceived experience. 


The challenge set is focused on general and individual challenges that come up in relationship.

Certified Relationship Coach

 I completed the Relationship Coach Training at The Relationship School by Jayson Gaddis in December 2021. I am now working as a Relationship Coach as well as a Communication Coach in business. I mainly provide my services through zoom sessions that average 55 minutes. Some of my other resources are my articles, worksheets, videos, and guided sessions.

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Paul Gemignani

Paul Gemignani

Your Relationship Coach

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