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Communication, Challenge, Growth

Grow by Intention

My Approach

I have been heavily influenced by Carl Rogers person-centered approach and  concept of unconditional positive regard.  My training with Jayson Gaddis was heavily focused on listening and emotional awareness.

I like to get right in on the topic and begin to unravel it with the intention of discovery. Present centered approach to discovering the impact and perception. We are going to work together to begin new ways of being in life and in conversation from the get go. This is how I engage, so be ready!

Goal Setting

Assisting you in setting realistic and achievable goals and creating action plans to reach them.

Relationship Coaching

Building a positive self-image and developing confidence in one’s abilities.

Stress Management

Techniques and strategies for coping with stress and reducing its impact on mental and physical well-being.

Career Advice

Enhancing decision-making skills and gaining confidence in making choices.

There is only one way. You already know the answer. You must do the hard thing and grow bigger than your excuse!

Become curious to realize who you truly are! You will grow beyond belief. These things holding you back, pushing you off track, are all necessary evils. Your life path is about growth, discovery, and emotional peril. You, are the only one that can move forward into your future. Choose now!

What Can we Accomplish?

Better Communication!

Improving verbal and non-verbal communication skills with increased effectiveness.

Conflict Resolution!

Build trust in your communication. Set boundaries for yourself and others. Learn to engage with intention and in confidence.

Parenting Challenges!

Find clarity on the parenting challenges for any parenting situation. Clear and easy to use tools for communicating, leading, setting rules and creating agreements for success.

Practice, Model, and build resilience

In our sessions, we will build resilience through practice, repetition, and comprehension. This is the way. 

Is This Right For Me?

If you are reading this, then absolutely!! There is no other way that you could be here right now, exploring, thinking, curious about what you can become. Take a deep breath and accept your fate. Together, we will grow with intentional challenge. You will overcome your past challenges, and realize new ones. Great your future with curious intent. Be Courageous. 

Rebuild Trust

We rebuild trust from within, and then build it with others. It seems to be the case that humans will often prioritize others over their own needs, values, morals, or desires.

Communicate better

We will practice communication that promotes healing and growth. This experience will then start to become noticeable in your day to day life.

Manage stress and anxiety

When a secure relationship is not present, or lacking integrity, it can often lead to increased stress and anxiety in other areas. We will work together to identify, reduce, and eventually overcome this experience.

Conflict resolution and clarity

Conflict defines it perfectly. We all experience it, and it sometimes gets the best of us. We work through conflict and empower you to have the confidence and practice to tackle the task at hand. Narcissism, Deceit, Trauma, and long standing history of arguing can all be culprits to the conflicts.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

The only way to know this is for you, is to have the opportunity for us to meet. Our first one on one will establish a gut feeling for you. Trust it, and determine your next steps. If you have any thoughts or questions, please ask them.


Choose a Coaching Plan

Your coaching plan is free to cancel at anytime, for any reason. I want to do my job so well, that you come back only when you are really challenged by something new and unfamiliar.

Reach Your Goals

Our sessions will determine the exercises and action items that will support movement towards accomplishing your goals. You should see daily growth and insights towards the future you.

2 Week Coaching Package

We will focus on your main goal and have 3-4 side areas of practiced skills. This is best for when your life has gifted you the experiences and insights to understand the growth process, what it looks like, and the work required.


More Details

This is short and sweet. If you have previously completed therapy, counseling, as well as completed multiple personal growth seminars, this is for you. Your dedication, and previous works will support you through this intense challenge period. This includes the following:

  • 4 sessions
  • 6 exercises
  • 1 exit session
  • $100 donation to A New Perspective

6 Sessions Package

This is a discount package for (6) sessions. Sessions are 55 minutes and will dig into areas of your choice for doing the work at hand. Regular sessions build a strong support system for working through weekly issues, and practicing your learned skills until you create your new normal. 


More Details

The impact of coaching extends beyond your sessions, laying the foundation for ongoing personal and professional growth. The tools and insights gained during the coaching process become integral to a sustained journey of self-improvement.

  • 6 sessions
  • 4 exercises
  • $100 donation to A New Perspective

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