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Guided Sessions


I have created a series of guided sessions to spark conversation and personal reflection with specific intention. Each session has a goal in mind with a strategy on accomplishing the work. Together, we will explore many things you think you know, some things that might be new, and what work is required for the future you want to live in. Guided sessions are different as they are less focused on the present experience.


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Your Relationship Coach Paul

Nice to meet you!

The majority of growth and challenge that I have experienced was driven by the desire to feel better and more accomplished. But there was a shift in the beginning years for me as a father. This shift for me was less about my own experience, and more about giving to others. I set a goal to become a father that can fully support my child in her growth and development in this world. What that meant to me is that I want to become informed and knowledgable about my daughters experience, her challenges, and the best ways that I can support her emotionally, physically, and morally. 


My Core Values

The My Core Values package is the bread and butter for any work for growth in: relationship; communication; team; leadership; parenting; or personal growth. The sessions include two zoom sessions along with 2 worksheets and a Value chart.t This is the perfect place to start for anyone as it will offer


My Conflict Tactics

My Conflict Tactics gets under the hood with three zoom sessions and 3 worksheets. It can be incredibly useful to use the Value chart from My Core Values in this process. The majority of our communication barriers circle around areas that we perceive as ‘threatening’. We break through those barriers and you live a more connected life.


My Communication

My Communication guided sessions focus on three main areas. The first area is in how you deal with conflict. The second area is where you learned certain communication styles. The third area is how your communication impacts others, especially your closest relationships.


What People are Saying

“I can finally talk with my Mom…after 35 years.”

“My hardest challenge was my Moms constant complaining. I have learned how to listen so that I stay connected with my Mom!”


“If you haven’t taken a class on Relationships, you should see a Relationship Coach”

“I use to think that just because I had relationships, that I knew everything about them. It really made a difference for me to have Paul Coach me.”


“A smooth conversation”

“That makes sense… My new favorite goal of each conversation. I am now curious to understand the other person.”


“I’ve never felt so safe”

“I have overcome my self sabotage behavior in conversations. I had a tendency to lead a conversation without even knowing what I was doing.”