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Zoom Sessions!

I am offering three (3) types of sessions:

Foundation – Guided topics for intentional growth / understanding

Growth – A new approach to a struggle or challenge you experience

Journey – Support and Challenge to push you to your growth limits

Sessions are on zoom only!

Email for any questions or concerns.

Email Session Inquiries

Please include in Email message:

  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • Questions / Concerns

How it Works

Complete the Application below!

You will fill out this form. Make a $200 payment. Schedule your first session. Experience self judgement, doubt, excitement, panic, relief, joy, and maybe a moment of final true self expression and relief.

We work together to practice sleight of hand ( or mind). Our practice brings a stronger awareness to the experiences we have been watching unfold our entire lives. NOW, in this new moment, you become aware of the magic trick. You become powered to choose deliberately and with intention. You step forward in the direction of your choosing with utter and complete control of your inner self.

And then….


Then, we will work together to step towards your goals while overcoming some of the major challenges that might be holding you up.